Partners in Precision Care Management

We use AI to help care management teams focused on chronic / complex populations use all of their data to identify the members most likely to benefit from their specific interventions.


Targeted Disease Management

  • Focus on the chronic/complex and dual eligible populations to meet their unique needs.
  • Achieve better outcomes by quickly identifying those most likely to benefit from your specific interventions.
  • Reduce MLR costs by 10%+ via preventable utilization.

Holistic Behavorial Health

  • Lower member’s medical expense by providing services earlier to those most in need.
  • Predict upcoming challenges to keep your members healthy.
  • Identify all eligible members for state and federal benefit programs.

Proactive Customer Service

  • Proactively contact members likely to disenroll.
  • Increase renewal rates to ensure health coverage is accessible for members.
  • Integrate feedback from customer service into care management strategy.

The Cyft Difference

Proven Solution

Backed by a decade of research on applying machine learning and natural language processing to improve healthcare, including over 20 published clinical studies, and collaboration with more than 250 hospitals.

Real World Results

Cyft has improved care by identifying individuals eligible for additional resources and has enabled cost savings for over 20 health plans and providers.

Partners in Care Management

Cyft partners with care management teams to develop successful care management intervention strategies – from behavioral health programs to avoiding preventable first-time admissions.

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