Smart Lists for Care Management

Prioritize members by potential impact for your care management programs.

Integrate results into your systems with the help of our team of healthcare experts.

“At Senior Whole Health we’re known for excellence in caring for members with complex conditions. Cyft has helped us take our strength to a whole new level.”

– Thurman Justice, CFO, Senior Whole Health

Precision Care Management

  • Reduce MLR costs by 10%+ via preventable utilization.
  • Identify members in rank order that will benefit from your specific interventions.
  • Achieve better outcomes and reduce total medical expenditure by quickly identifying those most in need.

Optimized Risk Adjustment

  • Generate 3 – 7%+ increase in revenues with most contributing directly to margins.
  • Realize the full reimbursement required to keep your members healthy.
  • Identify all eligible members for state and federal benefit programs.

Designed for Integration

  • Real time results delivered via our secure API.
  • Embedded into your existing workflows and systems.
  • Partner to add prediction to your care management services or solutions.

The Cyft Difference

Proven Solution

Backed by a decade of research, over 20 published clinical studies, and collaboration with more than 250 hospitals.

Real World Results

Cyft technology has generated more than $100M in new revenue and cost savings for over 20 health plans and providers.

Focused on Your Priorities

Value-based care isn’t one size fits all. Use your data in its native format to match members to your specific interventions – from behavioral health programs to avoiding preventable admissions.

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