Turning Healthcare Organizations into Learning Healthcare Systems

Cyft Uses AI to

Addressing Our Customers’ Highest Priorities

Precision Care Management
  • Focus on the chronic/complex and dual eligibles to meet their unique needs.
  • Achieve better outcomes by quickly identifying those most likely to benefit from your specific interventions.

220% improvement in preventable admission outreach accuracy.

Increased Member Retention
  • Proactively contact members likely to disenroll.
  • Identify reasons for disenrollment and resolve issues before it’s too late.

66% drop in disenrollment.

Accurate Reimbursement
  • Realize the right reimbursement to keep your members healthy.
  • Identify all eligible members for state and federal benefit programs.

84% of members Cyft identified were eligible for new rating categories.

"The promise of using 'big data' and machine learning to improve healthcare has been around for some time. Cyft proved they can deliver on this promise, returning significant value in a short amount of time. Partnering with Cyft aligns perfectly with Commonwealth Care Alliance's legacy and commitment to innovation as we improve care for individuals with complex healthcare needs."

Christopher Palmieri, CEO, Commonwealth Care Alliance

“Our goal is to move from being a reactive model that solely looks at what has happened historically to being a much more predictive, proactive, and targeted service provider.”

Emma Stanton, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Beacon Health Options

“At Senior Whole Health we’re known for excellence in caring for members with complex conditions. Cyft has helped us take our strength to a whole new level.”

Thurman Justice, CFO, Senior Whole Health

"T1D ( Type 1 Diabetes) is a relentless, 24/7 disease that produces enormous amounts of data, yet very little of that data is used by clinicians today. Partnering with Cyft is an opportunity to take all of this disparate data and turn it into something actionable for patients and their caregivers, ultimately leading to better outcomes for people living with this disease."

David Panzirer, Trustee, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust

"NEBH is a leader in surgical innovation. Partnering with Cyft to become leaders in value-based care is a logical next step for us."

Scott Tromanhauser, MD, PC, New England Baptist Hospital

The Cyft Difference

Proven Solution

Backed by a decade of research on applying machine learning and natural language processing to improve healthcare, including over 20 published clinical studies, and collaboration with more than 250 hospitals.

Real-World Results

Cyft has improved care by enabling cost savings and identifying individuals eligible for additional resources for over 20 health plans and providers.

Partners, Not Vendors

Dropping off technology just doesn’t work. That’s why we work closely with each organization to deliver solutions that fit their unique needs, priorities, and populations.

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