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Great Article in NEJM Clearly Explains How Machine Learning Will Affect Healthcare

If you’re in healthcare or data science I highly recommend reading “Predicting the Future - Big Data, Machine Learning, and Clinical Medicine” by Drs. Obermeyer and Emanuel in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. The question of whether machine learning can contribute to making more accurate predictions, whether diagnostic or prognostic has long been answered in

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WSJ Article Highlights EMR Frustrations: Analytics Companies To Answer the Value-Based Call

This week, a great op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal called “Turn Off the Computer and Listen to the Patient” brought a critical healthcare issue to the forefront of the national discussion. In 800 words, the authors (Dr. Caleb Gardner & Dr. John Levinson) succinctly describe the current frustrations physicians experience with electronic medical records (EMRs), in particular the

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Why We Created Cyft

The transition to value-based care has made it more important than ever for healthcare organizations to use their data to determine how best to allocate limited resources to achieve high quality care.  In response, an onslaught of business intelligence vendors have descended on healthcare with data warehouses, reporting tools, and dashboard analytics that have led to tremendous efficiency in other

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