Cyft's Insights on Improving Care Management

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Beacon Health Options, a leader in behavioral health management has been working with Cyft to improve their serious mental illness care management program. Rather than rely on traditional risk scores or past total medical expense, Beacon & Cyft are partnering to capitalize on the insights hidden in data sources not typically used in care management, such as health risk assessments and care management notes.

The resulting “Smart Lists,” identify the individuals most likely to benefit from specific interventions, allowing Beacon to make the most of their existing data and focus staff time and attention on the right members, at key points in treatment.

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Keynotes and Recordings


  • How Better Intervention Targeting Improves Care Management

    An overview of how better intervention targeting improves the effectiveness of care management programs. The whitepaper starts by providing an overview of how traditional risk scores and total medical expense (TME) approaches struggle to target resources to those most likely to benefit. Then it explores how new approaches to modeling risk that use all available datasources can dramatically improve intervention effectiveness.
  • Preparing Healthcare Analytics for Value-Based Care

    A primer for healthcare professionals considering how to use their data most effectively to succeed in value-based care. It provides an overview of the current state of analytics, pros and cons of different methods, and describes the application of machine learning-based approaches in support of value-based healthcare.