Machine learning is only as good as the value it brings

Healthcare IT News - June 19, 2019 Len D’Avolio, CEO of Cyft and an assistant professor, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, outlined some lessons learned from his perspective – starting with demystifying the process. When looking for potential applications where AI and ML might help, D'Avolio suggested healthcare organizations "fall in love with the problem, not the

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‘What can we do better?’ Big data and artificial intelligence to drive health care forward

QEII Times - June 14, 2019 When most people hear the term artificial intelligence (AI), they have a futuristic image ripped straight from the latest action/sci-fi movie in which robots take over the world. But nothing is farther from the truth, according to Dr. Leonard D’Avolio, an assistant professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School.

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Using Data for Change

NEJM Catalyst - February 28, 2019 NEBH is counting on analysis of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and other critical health care data to guide clinical leadership... By coupling the PROs with other key inputs, NEBH aims to enhance shared decision-making with a predictive modeling tool, currently under development with Cyft...

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