Finding Your Path to Value-Based Contracting

Cyft makes the journey to value-based contracting simple & successful, allowing you to focus on delivering high quality care.

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Meet Concordant Care
an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) for Providers Caring for the Frail Elderly

Over a decade ago, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched its first value-based care (VBC) model, seeking to improve health outcomes for patients while more efficiently managing the cost of that care. Unfortunately, for many providers caring for the frail elderly, a population with notoriously complex care and high associated spend, the program requirements pose significant barriers to participation. To remove these barriers, Cyft created Concordant Care, an ACO that brings together like-minded providers striving to engage and succeed in value-based contracts.

What Makes Concordant Care Different from other ACOs?

  • Focused on Frail Elderly populations - Concordant Care was designed by and for providers who deliver comprehensive primary care for the frail elderly, whether they are homebound, in an assisted living facility (ALF) or long-term care (LTC) facility. Your patients and practice model are not the same as the general Medicare population - your ACO shouldn't be either.

  • Collaborative peer community - Success in value-based care becomes much easier when you are part of a peer learning collaborative. From sharing best practices to active involvement in organizational oversight, Concordant Care offers a unique, analytics driven and fully-transparent environment that encourages the improvements needed to maintain or exceed quality standards and realize higher shared savings.
  • Better analytics to drive better outcomes - Frail elderly patients have different needs than otherwise healthy senior populations. Traditional analytics and risk stratification approaches simply aren’t suited for this population. Contract-specific patient panels and progress reports are designed to optimize clinical and financial performance. Integration with local Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and HCC coding support help you steer limited resources to the patients that need them most.
  • Expert guides for the VBC journey - Our analytics-forward approach combined with vast experience in value-based contracting allows us to provide guidance in complex areas such as per-contract pro forma analysis, quality improvement, compliance with program requirements, appropriate diagnosis (HCC) coding and documentation, governance, and funds flow modeling.

Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC)

Although CMS announced that it will not accept new program applicants for PY2022, providers caring for the frail elderly may still get involved by becoming a participant provider to an existing Direct Contracting Entity (DCE). As a participant provider, your practice may be asked to accept significant financial risk, with an emphasis on care for the seriously ill population.

Cyft makes the prospect of taking on risk more manageable for our partners with:

  • Strategic guidance and support
  • Customer-specific pro formas to calculate potential DCE performance
  • Funds flow models for allocating shared savings and losses
  • Advanced analytics built specifically for Direct Contracting arrangements that cover frail elderly populations
  • Performance reporting in aggregate or at the site level
  • Nightly patient panel updates with admission/discharge/transfer information, risk stratification models and HCC coding recommendations

Contracts with Medicare Advantage Organizations, Duals Plans, & Accountable Care Organizations

We help our customers use their data to prepare for, design, and optimize value-based serious illness programs. This includes identifying in-market partners, helping with the design of capabilities presentations, and strategies for contract design.

Contract-specific solutions are tailored to include:

  • Leverage data to scope opportunities and support negotiations
  • Advanced analytics to prioritize patients at risk of preventable admissions or suited for enrollment in special care programs
  • Performance reports to track contract-specific quality measures such as total cost of care, hospice rates or savings

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