Serious Illness Care

Success in value-based contracts is dependent on using data to get the right care to the right people at the right time. Cyft helps organizations thrive at each step of their value-based journey.

Supporting the Value-Based Journey

Direct Contracting - High Needs

In the DC-HN model, CMS aims to improve upon past ACO models by pushing between 50% and 100% of the financial risk to the provider, with an emphasis on care for the seriously ill population.

Our Direct Contracting solution features:

  • Strategic guidance and support:
    • Customer-specific pro formas to calculate potential DCE performance
    • Identification of providers in your area with high needs eligible patients
    • Application guidance and support
    • Funds flow models for allocating shared savings and losses
  • Advanced machine learning models that prioritize patients:
    • At risk for preventable admissions and ED visits
    • Most likely to benefit from palliative support
    • With HCC coding opportunities
  • Performance reporting in aggregate or at the site level to benchmark:
    • Total cost of care & spend trajectory
    • Admission and readmission rates
    • HCC trend information
    • Number of aligned beneficiaries
  • Nightly updates of admission, discharge, transfer information

The application deadline for Direct Contracting is fast approaching and this may be the last opportunity to apply. Contact us at for a complimentary overview of the DC-HN contract and its implications.

Contracts with Medicare Advantage Organizations, Duals Plans, & Accountable Care Organizations

We help our customers use their data to prepare for, design, and optimize value-based serious illness programs. This includes identifying in-market partners, helping with the design of capabilities presentations, and strategies for contract design.

Contract-specific solutions are tailored to include:

  • Strategic guidance and support:
    • Identify ACOs and MA plans in your market
    • Develop strategies and capabilities presentations
    • Leverage data to scope opportunities and support negotiations
  • Advanced analytics to:
    • Identify patients to enroll into serious illness programs
    • Prioritize patients at risk of preventable admissions
    • Prioritize patients to prioritize for hospice
  • Performance reports track contract-specific quality measures such as:
    • Total cost of care
    • Hospice rates
    • Cost savings versus comparable control groups

Contact us at to learn more about how we’re helping serious illness care organizations thrive in value-based contracts.