Serious Illness Performance Collaborative

Learning Community Charter


  • C-suite position (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs)

  • Directors of Palliative Care

  • Clinicians using Cyft predictions for decision-making

  • Data analysts and others on business intelligence/information technology teams


  • Host monthly interactive virtual conferences

  • Sessions are designed to be accessible to anyone in the organization and each member should plan to send at least one representative per session

  • Virtual conferences will be focused on educational topics with a transition to knowledge and data sharing among members over time

  • All sessions will be recorded and accessible to Collaborative members

Interactive Virtual Conference Topics

  • Preparing for Value-Based Care

    Discuss value-based care opportunities (e.g., PCF-SIP, VBID, etc.), covering perspectives from payers, ACOs, health systems and palliative care providers.

    Sessions covering:

    • Business development and marketing
    • Contract design and negotiation
    • Methods used for patient identification, measuring performance and structuring payment
  • Performance Measurement in Value-Based Care

    Understanding baseline performance and developing strategies to improve will be key factors for success in value-based contracts.

    Sessions covering:

    • Common measures used in value-based contracts
    • Emerging standards related to palliative care measures
    • Efforts of national palliative care registries, including standardized assessments
    • Control groups, regression to the mean, and other fundamentals of proper measurement
  • Introduction to Prediction & Machine Learning for Palliative Care

    Non-technical discussions about what modern prediction technologies can and cannot do, their effectiveness, and how they can help improve clinical and financial outcomes.

    Sessions covering:

    • Overview of machine learning
    • Evaluation and interpretation of predictive models
    • Past and current applications within palliative care
    • Using predictive models to thrive in value-based contracts
  • Integrating Prediction & Measurement into Workflows

    Integrating prediction, measurement, and continuous improvement into the complex workflows and culture of health care.

    Sessions covering:

    • Creating a culture of measurement and continuous improvement
    • Involving clinicians in the design of performance measures and predictive models
    • Training clinicians to use predictive analytics to support decision making
    • Common pitfalls and unanticipated consequences of measurement
  • Data Sharing & Lessons Learned

    Organizations will have the opportunity to share lessons learned and strategies for using data to drive change. Trends across the membership related to program structure and overall performance will be highlighted.