Your population is unique.

So are your priorities.

What are Smart Lists?

Smart Lists prioritize the people most likely to benefit from your specific interventions based on potential impact. Care management organizations usually rely on claims-based approaches to risk stratification that assume that all patients are “at risk” for the same few reasons (often simply using total medical expense). Rather than settle for claims or total medical expense, with Smart Lists you can use all of your data to find the right patients for your CM programs.

Smart Lists are as dynamic as the patient population you serve. Smart Lists learn from your data to continually improve the way patients are identified. As your population shifts, as well as when the data you have access to changes, Smart Lists adapt and continue to deliver great results without requiring a complex redesign effort by your IT department.

Focused on Your Highest Priorities

Smart Lists combine great technology with a team that understands that people and process ultimately improve care. Our team has decades of experience building successful data-driven intervention programs for healthcare organizations around the world. We do the hard work of both understanding your data and goals, and then measuring progress as we work together, to ensure that your interventions are a success.

Care management isn’t one size fits all — especially when dealing with chronic / complex conditions. We know that a generic “readmission” risk just doesn’t cut it. You want to know which members with serious mental illness are likely to have a preventable inpatient psychiatric admission in the next 60 days. Or which pre-diabetics will to escalate to diabetes. You need to account for scheduled redeterminations, workloads of their care managers, and distance between visits. Rather than leave all the complexity in your data behind, the Cyft solution leverages all your data to produce the best results possible.

Seamless Integration

Each care management team has its own way of organizing workload and managing follow up. Rather than introduce another internal system and set of conflicting processes, we integrate Smart Lists directly into your existing systems with data moving to and from on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your organization’s needs.

Cyft’s secure cloud-based technology enables you to get up and running with as little friction as possible. Cyft does not require a specific data format, but instead can adapt to the data you provide. Integrate your data sources once via our web interface, our API, or SFTP, and then reuse these data sources for each new Smart List you build with the Cyft engine.

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