Target Your Care Management Interventions to Those Most Likely to Benefit.

Partners in Data-Driven Interventions

Cyft partners with care management organizations to design, implement, and monitor the progress of data-driven interventions. We focus specifically on the management of chronic / complex, behavioral health, and dual-eligible populations and their unique needs, delivering transformative results to over 25 government-sponsored plans.

Care management isn’t one size fits all – especially when dealing with chronic / complex conditions where generic risk scores just don’t cut it. Re-admissions matter, but for care management organizations it’s more important to address preventable admissions of all types. To match the members most likely to benefit to our partners’ targeted interventions, we leverage the insights hidden in their data – including call center transcripts, health risk assessments, care management data, and clinical notes.

Designed to Fit Your Organization

By choosing Cyft, you are not choosing a software product but a strategic partner dedicated your care management team’s success. We enable successful interventions by understanding your organizational processes, data, interventions, and goals. We then clearly outline the metrics that will help us realize success and transparently track our shared progress toward these goals.

Care management is always changing, as populations shift, as intervention strategies improve, and organizations learn. Cyft accelerates this continual improvement by providing real-time insights on care management activities and intervention effectiveness to the team and senior management.

Actionable Results, Backed by Experience

Cyft presents immediately actionable results to care management teams as a rank-ordered list of the individuals most likely to benefit from specific interventions. This has increased our partner plans’ outreach accuracy by over 200%, enabling the team to help more people with limited resources while improving the plan’s financials.

These impressive results come from our decades of experience building successful data-driven intervention programs for healthcare organizations around the world. Cyft technology has learned from the data of over 10 million chronic / complex cases, and engagements with over 250 hospitals and 25 health plans. These projects have built on years of research and development led by Harvard Medical School Professor, and Cyft founder Dr. Leonard D’Avolio.

Rapid Implementation and ROI Within Months

Cyft uses your data in its native format, enabling you to get up and running quickly. The secure, HIPAA compliant platform integrates directly with your existing systems via our web interface, API, or SFTP.

Continue learning from your data as your population shifts and data changes to continue delivering great results without requiring a complex redesign effort by your IT department.

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