Proven Technology Built on 10 Years of R&D

And over 20 published clinical studies

Use All Your Data

Use all of your data in its native format. This includes health risk assessments, activities of daily living, clinical notes, pharmacy, labs, customer support call center transcripts, device data, and more. The secure, HIPAA compliant platform integrates directly with your existing systems via our web interface, API, or SFTP.

Achieve Superior Accuracy with AI

Machine learning techniques, commonly referred to as artificial intelligence (AI), enable Cyft to accurately predict how to help each person. These supervised learning algorithms consider thousands of data points for each person and correlate the appropriate relative risk factors for each individual. For example, the platform would weigh very different parameters when evaluating a high-risk pregnancy versus a geriatric patient.

AI is changing every industry. From Netflix predicting which movies a person will enjoy to Amazon predicting which products a member will buy, these companies are increasing engagement by predicting user behavior. With Cyft, healthcare can finally use these powerful techniques to provide better care.

Unlock Your Free-Text with Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables Cyft to create structured data summaries from the free text that dominants healthcare, such as clinical notes and health risk assessments. Cyft’s NLP engine is powered by advanced medical ontologies and includes numerous linguistic processes such as understanding negation (e.g. the patient has cancer, versus the patient tested negative for cancer) to ensure that the original meaning is preserved.

The NLP output then feeds into the AI platform discussed above. Incorporating this unstructured data greatly increases the platform’s predictive power over traditional approaches.

Get Started Quickly

Cyft integrates with existing processes to ensure your plan starts seeing real results in the first couple months. Your team will not need to learn any new systems – that means no new screens for your team to log into and no heavy lifting for IT.

Keep Improving

Real-time dashboards enable each team to see what is and isn’t working to keep improving.

The AI engine automatically updates itself as new data becomes available to continually improve its accuracy. This ensures that Cyft continues to deliver great results as your population shifts and your data evolves without requiring a complex redesign effort by your IT department.

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