"There are few people and companies that are better at applying machine learning to healthcare data than Dr. D'Avolio and Cyft."

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"We're passionate about radically changing the experience of care. You simply can't achieve that with a 'one size fits all' approach to data. Cyft gets that and has redefined how data can be used to get the right care to the right people sooner."

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"The promise of using 'big data' and machine learning to improve healthcare has been around for some time. Cyft proved they can deliver on this promise, returning significant value in a short amount of time. Partnering with Cyft aligns perfectly with Commonwealth Care Alliance's legacy and commitment to innovation as we improve care for individuals with complex healthcare needs."

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"T1D ( Type 1 Diabetes) is a relentless, 24/7 disease that produces enormous amounts of data, yet very little of that data is used by clinicians today. Partnering with Cyft is an opportunity to take all of this disparate data and turn it into something actionable for patients and their caregivers, ultimately leading to better outcomes for people living with

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"NEBH is a leader in surgical innovation. Partnering with Cyft to become leaders in value-based care is a logical next step for us."

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"Working with Cyft to leverage AI in healthcare creates an incredible opportunity, not just to impact those suffering from serious mental illness or substance abuse, but to impact total medical costs."

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“This learning health system will further our goal of leveraging the power of our data to identify and proactively support patients who are at risk for clinical deterioration to positively impact their health and general well-being.”

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